Hana Maui Hawaii

Just a few of Hana Maui Highlights

HANA HIGHWAY, Forget all those stories of needing a 4-wheel drive. The Hana Highway drive along the North shore of Maui is smoothly paved now. It is the most beautiful 56 miles(from Kahului to Hana) of drive that most people will ever see. Where else can you see waterfalls next to a Highway? You will not even have to exit your car to see some Waterfalls pouring from the cliffs above.

The wayside parks are a great place to stop and stretch your legs. Isn't it time you planned a picnic in a Rainforest? If you don't feel like strolling the Rainforests, there are scenic overlooks to snap great pictures of the majestic blue sea.

Make the most of the drive, and be sure to take time to stop and enjoy the scenery. The road to Hana is about the incredible journey and not just the excellent destination...

WAIOKA POOL - This natural spring and ocean fed pool, once used by ancient Hawaiian Royalty, is conveniently located directly across the street from Hana Accommodations. Surrounded by lush tropical foliage and situated steps from the ocean, this secluded pool is the perfect place to stretch out and soak in some warm Hawaiian Sun on its small Black Sand Beach and large flat rocks.

Coastal Trail - This spectacular, easy walk takes you from Hana Accommodations, past the amazing Waioka Pool, along towering sea cliffs, remote Black Sand Beach, the ruins of an old Sugar Mill, ending up at picture perfect Hamoa Beach.

HAMOA BEACH - Located a few minutes South of Hana Town and a mile from Hana Accommodations, this white cresent-shaped beach that James Michener referred to as the most perfect beach in the Pacific.

Enjoy body-surfing, swimming, and snorkeling, or simply taking in the natural beauty of Hana's most celebrated beach.

HANA WATERFALL - one of the many that you will see along your drive to Hana. The larger ones are located a short hike in the Rainforest. When hiking, wear some old tennis shoes with light comfortable clothing and a bring along a backpack with water and lunch. A beach towel and bathing suit will come in handy if you dare to swim under a waterfall or two. This is an experience of rejuvenation. Don't forget the camera.

KOKEE BEACH - A spectacular beach with a setting out of South Pacific.
Primarily a surfing, body surfing and sunning beach--with Hamoa Beach just up the street for great swimming.

OHEO GULCH - Haleakala National Park, Formerly known as Seven Sacred Pools. These Lava Pool formations were once home of a thriving ancient Hawaiian culture. This National Park encompasses over 100 fresh water pools and spectacular waterfalls of Oheo Stream. Thousands of acres of bamboo forests and fruit scented jungles provide the perfect location to hike, swim and explore the tropical beauty of Hana.

RED SAND BEACH - This secluded beach cove gets it's name from the cinder cone volcanic crumbled lava rocks that make the cove and nearby mountains that are now cliffs from natural erosion. On quiet still days you can hear the pebbles fall from the cliff every few minutes, slowly making the cove bigger and bigger.

The reddish rust color of the sand comes from the high amount of iron that was running in the lava at the time it gushed from the center of the earth.

Getting to this secluded beach can be dangerous even if you follow the correct unmarked trails. NEVER EVER enter or exit the trails from the Japanese Cemetary. One tiny slip and it'll ruin a nice vacation. Because the trail is so dangerous, the locals do not put up signs on the correct trails.

Red Sand Beach is known to have nudity. Just as the early Hawaiians swam and enjoyed their paradise, long before the Islands were discovered. Keep out if people sunning their buns is offensive for you. If not, be sure to apply SPF 30 to those buns... & after each swim.